And Oh What a 10 Years it’s Been…

It’s hard to believe we will celebrate our 10th anniversary this year.  It all began on July 1, 2006 starting with 9 memorable performances and nearly 60,000 visitors. Today, with main stage performances, festivals, event gallery performances, education, community outreach and museum programs, special exhibits, and films and workshops, there seems to be something happening almost every day.

We opened the Museum at Bethel Woods in June of 2008 and shortly thereafter in 2009, celebrated the 40th anniversary of the historic Woodstock Music and Art Fair, welcoming back Richie Havens in our Global Moment. Then in 2014, we marked the 45th Anniversary with the first ever camping experience since August of 1969.

In 2010, we celebrated our fifth anniversary and our 500,000th guest. This coming year, we are well on our way to topping 2,250,000 guests. And since 2006, 20 of the 32 artists that performed in 1969 have graced on of our stages including Carlos Santana, Richie Havens, Michael Shrieve, Leslie West, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Joe Cocker.

Since 2008, growth in our education and outreach programming has been a major priority for us. Each year, we continue to offer immersive arts and humanities programming for children, young adults, and families. In 2012, we transitioned from being a project of the private, non-profit Gerry Foundation to a public charity. With the creation of our founding governing board, and a 2-year process to develop of our strategic plan, inclusive of mission, vision, values, and core strategies, we are poised to take the next decade with a carefully planned approach of expanding our outreach, education programs and our impact as a whole.

We are very proud of our dual legacy….one of peace, love, and music nearly 50 years ago with hundreds of thousands gathered to celebrate individuality, expression, and social consciousness…combined with the legacy of our founder, Alan Gerry, a native of Sullivan County, a believer in Sullivan County, and an individual who demonstrates graciousness and has instilled generosity in us all.

There is much, much more to come and we look forward to sharing the future with you.

Darlene Fedun

Chief Executive Officer, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Darlene Fedun – who has written posts on WoodsTalk | Bethel Woods Center for The Arts.

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9 Comments on “And Oh What a 10 Years it’s Been…

  1. Hello Darlene I would like you contact me. I have so much I would like to share with you about the upcoming 50 anniversary of Woodstock 69 I attended that special event. Please contact me. Linda

  2. Have only visited twice, last time this past Saturday for John Waite. I was blown away the the entire venue, first class all the way. But having met Mr Gerry back in the R-Media days, was not surprised. Being a big fan of small venue concerts, can’t wait to see next season’s schedule.

  3. Let’s not forget what led up to this. How many remember “A day in the garden” concerts with Brittany Spears, the Sugarhill Gang, the Beach Boys, Lou Reed, Randy and Reeba, ….. These concerts were put on to study traffic flow, crowd control, etc. The result, our beautiful concert venue, Bethel Woods!

  4. I remember sitting in the audience cyring with happiness on that July evening when Alan Gerry stood on stage in 2006 to introduce the NY Philharmonic. I couldn’t be more thankful to him, and the entire Bethel Woods staff for keeping alive the spirit of peace and love at this legendary site. As Mr. Shelly says, it really is a jewel where people from all walks of life are living and learning about arts, humanities, and history. I’m proud to be a member and a supporter, and proud to say I live in Sullivan County.

    • It was a moment to remember. I too felt my eyes swell. What a magnificent day for Sullivan County. Even over the next ten years it never gets old. It’s an amazing gift that one gentleman gave to his community. I am thrilled to help make it happen. Thank you Karen for always doing the most beautiful work at Fisher Mears for our organization. Here’s to the next 10!

  5. Congratulations to Bethel Woods on 10 years AND a new blog. Another way to let others know what a jewel the Center is.

    • Thank you Jim for your kind words and your support for our programming. Your dedication to helping us succeed is cherished.

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