2015 Top 10 Volunteers and the Value of Volunteering

With the start of 2016, the Volunteer Department would like to say an extra special thanks to volunteers with the Top Ten logged hours in 2015! Overall, our 168 Volunteers have contributed about 12,700 hours to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts!

We cannot thank them enough for all the hard work and long hours that they put into our not-for-profit organization. Without them, we would not be as successful as we are today or have been for the past decade.

The “Top Ten” Volunteers of 2015 are as follows:

Jim Killilea with 621 Hours!

Since joining the BW Volunteer Team in 2009, Jim has contributed 3,350 hours to our organization! Rock on Jim!

Charlie Maloney – 401.5 Hours
John Maiorana – 326.16 Hours
Maria Maiorana – 326.16 Hours
Linda Predmore – 300.5 Hours
Linda Pomes – 275.8 Hours
Barbara Plotkin – 270 Hours
Eileen Morey – 244.5 Hours
Susan Kozykowski – 235.67 Hours
Glenn Wooddell – 219.5 Hours

Honorable Mention: Jim Shelley – 211.5 Hours

Being a not-for-profit, volunteers are very important. We honor and value our volunteers more than words can say! According to the Independent Sector, the most current data values their volunteer time at:

  • An average of $22.55 per hour for the nation
  • And in New York, a value of $26.45 per hour.

Also, according to Forbes guest blogger Mark Horoszowski of Next Avenue, on top of the value they bring to us, volunteering translates to an intrinsic value gained by their service, such as volunteering your skills helps you develop new skills.

Throughout the year, be on the lookout for interviews from our volunteers to find out more about them, how they contribute to what we do here, and why they love to volunteer (in and outside of Bethel Woods)!

Thank you so much to all the volunteers for their continued service throughout the years!

Megan Smith

Coordinator to Volunteer Services, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Megan Smith – who has written posts on WoodsTalk | Bethel Woods Center for The Arts.

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One Comment on “2015 Top 10 Volunteers and the Value of Volunteering

  1. Our volunteers are invaluable & a big key to our success. Not only do they contribute so much of their time, they always manage to put a smile on everyone’s face. We are truly honored to have them as a part of our team. Join us in thanking them for all that they do!
    -Kasia Zalewska, Festivals Coordinator

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