The kids are alright…



E3: Engage. Experience. Explore. presents Story Pirates in the Event Gallery at Bethel Woods. Photo Credit: Mike Bloom

This year was riddled with moments in which I was inspired by our future. It’s filled with talent and humor and personality and vulnerability and willingness and approachability and joy. Back in May, participants of Bethel Wood’s PI: Photography program spent the evening in the green rooms, behind the scenes, and in the audience, documenting a cappella groups from five local high schools singing their hearts out for a visibly moved and appreciative audience in The Event Gallery.

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And Oh What a 10 Years it’s Been…

It’s hard to believe we will celebrate our 10th anniversary this year.  It all began on July 1, 2006 starting with 9 memorable performances and nearly 60,000 visitors. Today, with main stage performances, festivals, event gallery performances, education, community outreach and museum programs, special exhibits, and films and workshops, there seems to be something happening almost every day. Read More

Welcome to WoodsTalk!

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts blog, WoodsTalk, is now open!


To say we are excited for the launch of this, would be an understatement. We believe that arts are critical to the strength of a community and all of us here look forward to bringing our world closer to yours. Here we will explore the topics of The Sixties, Music, and the Art and Humanities to inspire, educate, and empower you with information, tools, programs, and more! Whether connecting with a speaker or delving deeper into a movie, attending a cultural performance or standing in the spotlight, touring the museum with a school group or visiting with a family, we want to enhance and enrich your experience further by connecting with YOU on WoodsTalk!

See you on the flip side!