50 Years of Peace & Music | 9. Quill

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival, August 1969–2019 Day Two, Performer 1 Quill Performed Saturday afternoon, August 16, 12:15–12:50 pm Dan Cole: vocals Jon Cole: bass, vocals Norman Rogers: guitar, vocals Phil Thayer: keyboards, saxophone, flute Roger… Read More


At Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, legacy is a multifaceted term. It defines our unique place in history, characterizes the Sixties, and influences our not-for-profit mission to inspire, educate and empower through the arts and humanities. When… Read More

Rubber Soul

The Beatles album Rubber Soul, released in time for Christmas on December 6, 1965, became the Billboard #1 album on January 8, 1966 and remained there until February 18. When the Beatles had returned to the studio after their 1965… Read More